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The Miltons Guide to Choosing the Right Tie


The tie is a classic, handsome accessory for men.  While you can use it to express your personality and style, there are guidelines to styling the perfect tie. Your goal is to have your tie sync with the rest of your outfit rather than stand out from it.

Here are our top 5 elements to keep in mind in order to sport the best looking tie.

  1. Pick the right knot. Our favorite style is the Four-in-Hand knot. This popular style is simple yet elegant.  This knot is a must-know for every man. Styles such as the Pratt and the Half-Windsor are additional knots for a tasteful and adaptable look. Knots such as the Balthus or the Trinity are more of an adventurous and memorable look yet remain sophisticated. The Bow tie is great for formal occasions but has seen a rise in popularity for everyday wear.

  2. Keep length in mind. We advise that the tip of the tie should fall at the belt buckle. You should not have it hitting any higher or lower. This length allows for a clean, flattering look.

  3. Proportion is important. The standard rule is that the tie at its widest point should equal the lapel at its widest point. A somewhat narrow tie, approximately three inches, can look very sharp.

  4. Color is key. A solid colored tie with a white shirt is a classic combination. We recommend that every man have a solid navy, burgundy or gray tie as part of his everyday wardrobe. A black tie is also valuable as it can be worn for an elegant evening or a typical day in the office.  Have some fun with graphics! If choosing a patterned tie, make sure it is one that will flatter the remainder of your suit.

  5. Its quality not quantity. We believe a quality tie is worth spending on. You want it to be one that will last and look its best.