Points to Consider When Buying Your First Interview Suit

Points to Consider When Buying Your First Interview Suit

Graduation season is right around the corner and many students who are wrapping up their college careers next month have begun their job search. The right suit is important to have when taking on the interview process. The right suit will not just give you a professional appearance but will allow you to feel confident.

There are a few key points to consider when you're shopping for the perfect interview suit.

  1. Fit. Fit is one of the most important aspects of choosing a suit. You will want to make sure that the suit falls right, that you are comfortable, and that it makes you look sharp and polished. When trying different styles, it is important to check the shoulders as well as the fit around the waist. Keep in mind the end of the shoulder pad should be just above the end of your shoulder. In terms of the fit around the waist, the buttoned jacket shouldn’t allow you to fit more than a fist between your torso and the jacket. A tailor will help you make all the right adjustments for every other feature including your pants. If a pair of pants feels slightly tight, it is best to buy a size up. They can easily be taken in by a tailor.
  2. Style. For your first suit, stick to basics when choosing colors and patterns. Choose a classic dark blue or navy or a medium to dark grey. This offers you some versatility. Two and three-button suits are the most common styles you’ll find. Two-button suits are a classic style and the professional standard.
  3. Finishing touches. For the interview, special attention should be taken to match the color of your shirt to the suit. Solid white or blue will work with almost any suit. The tie chosen for the interview should be more conservative. A solid silk tie will keep the look simple and conservative. Give some thought to your choice of shoes as well. A dark, well-polished Oxford shoe is perfect for an interview.

The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to your interview suit is that they are meant to make you look polished, professional and confident. The suit should give you the look to help you shine in the interview but not take the attention away from you.

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